Weight No Longer LLC weight management center in Niantic, CT is now offering a new service.

Private nutrition consults with a registered dietitian are available for initial and follow-up appointments.

Serena Cochran, BS, RD completed her dietetic internship at Yale New Haven Hospital and has since worked in various roles as a dietitian including weight management, sports nutrition and oncology.

A consult with an RD is personalized to each individual based on medical issues and health goals. On average a medical doctor spends about seven minutes with each patient. Meeting with a dietitian can help you understand how food can affect your body and improve your health.


  • Sports Nutrition: athletes, cross-fitters, triathletes, exercisers
  • IBS Management
  • Weight Gain Protocols
  • Special Dietary needs for people with Gluten, Lactose or other dietary sensitivities/allergies
  • Private Store Tours
Are you sure you are meeting your macro and micronutrient needs? Many individuals are at risk for nutrition related deficiencies that can affect our physical and cognitive abilities. Consider a personalized nutrition consult for an in-depth report on your nutritional status based on your current diet.

Clients will be able to attend Weight No Longer LLC bimonthly support groups and have access to high quality nutrition supplements.

Initial evaluation includes but is not limited to:

-Body Composition Analysis
-Nutrient Analysis
-Personalized menu planning
-Comprehensive nutrition education

For pricing and scheduling information contact us at:
(860) 739-0471 or email:  info@weightnolongerllc.com

Private Store Tours With Serena, RD

To Book a time slot, please call the office @ 860-739-0471

Saturdays at Stop and Shop in Niantic: 1:00pm, 2:15pm, or 3:30pm

**Must pay at time of booking to reserve your spot**Limit 2 people, per time slot**

Client + Spouse (or Family Member)- $50 + $25

Client + 2nd Client or Friend- $50 + $40

*Cancellations 24hrs before event will receive full refund,

Cancellations less than 24hrs before event will receive 50% refund.*


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