Our Success Stories

What our clients are saying…

Gail L.WNL Client

“My experience with weight no longer was exceptional . The weekly weigh in and counseling helped to keep me on track and I was ready to lose weight and get healthy. My goals was to reduce the number of prescribed medications I take. I accomplished this and I am totally off one medication and another has been cut in half . I was able to maintain my soy free diet as a breast cancer survivor which was extremely important to me . If you are ready and determined this is a great program for you.”

Mary E.WNL Client

“I graduated from the Weight No Longer Program three years ago. I am so thankful that I came to the seminar that you presented. I signed up in March, 2013 to begin the Ideal Protein diet. I lost over 100 pounds, and three years later I have maintained my weight loss. I am so appreciative of every aspect of the Weight No Longer Program. Thank you!! Thank you!”

Jim G.WNL Client

“Thanks so much to Jane, Tony and the whole team. I can say the program is so well run that it’s a pleasure to have gone through my weight loss journey with the team. At no time was it a burden and when followed the results are simply amazing. My heart felt thanks to all. ”

Cason R.WNL Client

“I have never really been a “skinny” person, but being in the military for 20+ years and being active in the local roller derby league, I was always able to maintain my weight at a respectable level. Since retiring from the military over a year ago, I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to keep the weight off and I found myself the heaviest that I have ever been. I was sleeping with a CPAP machine because I was snoring so bad. I cringed every time I walked by a mirror. I tried to eat healthier and took up running (2-3 times per week) and it still didn’t help. At the advice of some friends and my mom who have all done IP through Weight No Longer, I decided to go to the seminar and see what it was all about. The seminar was very informative and I felt that the program made sense and it was something that I would be able to stick with. I decided to give it a try.”

SheilaWNL Client

“This program is Amazing. I did not ever in my wildest dream hope that this would be possible for me based on my life battling my weight. I am talking since childhood obesity based on cultural food (Italian) and then due to poverty and my family having easier access to carbs. As an adult I struggled to understand how to eat properly. This is the first time I am experiencing a relationship with food that isn’t confusing. Thank You for bringing this to me and all the people who need this. I am talking about the product along with the knowledge as well as the support from you and your staff.”