Portobello Burgers-All Phases

Serving Size: 1

  • 2 Portobello mushrooms (approx. 3.4 oz. of mushroom = 1 cup)
  • 8 oz. ground turkey or beef
  • Your favorite spices
  • 2 Tbsp Walden Farms ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Lettuce

Directions: Take the stems off your mushrooms and clean them. Brush with olive oil and fresh garlic. Grill mushrooms.  Mix some of your favorite spices and hamburger together.  Make 2 patties 4 ounces each and grill either on the barbecue or in the oven. Take your mushrooms and pat them with paper towel so they aren’t so moist. Put the burger in between two mushrooms and voila you have a burger and no bread. You can dress the burger with ketchup. You can also use mustard which is low in sodium, carbs and fat.

Count: 8 oz. Dinner Protein, select vegetables (weigh them to get approx. measurement)