“I’ve lost over 100lbs. efforlessly!” Kim Lavoie

By December 18, 2015 April 18th, 2018 No Comments

Wow!  I have had so much fun on this journey.  This program cannot be described as a “diet.”  I don’t think anyone has ever described a “diet” as fun.  Diets end and you go back to your old ways of eating.  We sabotage ourselves by saying, “I can’t wait for this to be over.”  “I can’t wait to finish this diet.”  Inevitably, we go back to the way we used to look before we ever crossed the threshold of Weight No Longer.
This program is a new and improved way of eating.  I have learned new ways to cook old favorites and learned to try foods and recipes that I’ve never eaten before.  The coaches and staff are your biggest cheerleaders!  Each week the encouragement flows from everyone making each of your accomplishments special and important.
I have lost over 100 pounds effortlessly.  The pounds and inches keep disappearing.  Almost every single week when I’m told my new weight, I think (and sometimes say), “How did that happen?”  I truly mean that.  I’m amazed by the amounts of food I’m eating that I’m losing any weight at all.  Goes to show when you eat the right foods, you can be full, satisfied, and still lose weight.
I’ve tried to live what the coaches are teaching – eat what is on plan; avoid phrases such as:  “I CAN’T have that.”  We choose what we eat.  So my new and improved version is:  “I’m CHOOSING not to eat that today.”  Or “That’s not on my eating plan.”
Jane and Tony, you have changed my life.  As I am getting ready to go to Phase 2, I still cannot believe the scale.  I can see what I look like in pictures but not in the mirror.  My brain needs to catch up.  With your help I know I can do this.  I can continue eating healthier, feeling healthier, maintaining this incredible weight loss, and enjoying this fabulous new life!
Thank you all,
Kim Lavoie