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-1 Ideal Protein Chocolately Chip Pancake
-1 Nugget of Ideal Protein Chocolaty Bar
-4 oz. of you favorite flavor coffee

* Optional: 1 serving or less of your favorite Walden Farms Syrup or marshmallow dip



-Pour the IP pancake mix into an empty IP shaker & add 4 oz. of you favorite coffee (hot) to the shaker and mix thoroughly
-Place in the microwave for 3:30 minutes (Be sure to keep an eye on the item in the microwave as it may rise and spill over the shaker)  *For best results, stop the microwave every 30 seconds just to check the progress
-At the end of the cooking time, simply flip the shaker over on a plate and the cake will fall out
-Cut a small slit in the top center of the cake and insert one nugget of the Chocolaty Bar & push to the center of the cake for the lava cake effect

*Optional: Add favorite WF syrup or marshmallow dip & enjoy!